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Canadian GP Diary – Page Six

by on June 7, 2013

Thursday June 6th, media day at the Canadian GP.  The day started as though I had awoken on the wrong side of the bed.  I’m staying with my friend Guido Grasso, actor/comedian/restaurantuer who lives in just north of the city.  Public transit was the least of my worries.  I arrived to the circuit early, however it’s quite the distance from the “Metro” station to the paddock.  My first mistake was asking security where I could catch the media shuttle, no one could tell me.  Therefore, I decided to sneak on the bus for a slow lap of the circuit with the intention of hopping off at the pit lane entry.

In the end, it took me a total of two hours to make it to the media centre.  My mate Jordan Irvine met me at the gate, helped me get settled and registered before going for a stroll through the paddock.

It was a phenomenal day.  I never take for granted the opportunities afforded to me that allow me to rub shoulders and chat with our F1 heroes. I gave Heikki a hard time about not partying with us this weekend and chatted about F1 poetry with Pirelli’s Mario Isola.  I finally met Tom Briggs (@1derpony) from McLaren, interviewed Charles Pic and Geido Van De Garde one on one.  Attending the  FIA driver’s conference was a treat, as was chatting with Tom Webb at Caterham.  I could litterally go on and on and I would enjoy reliving every moment. 

The best feeling of all was introducing myself as Ernie Black and having people say, Hey! You’re @TheF1Poet.  Absolutely priceless!


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