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F1 Canadian GP: No Winners in Canada

by on June 12, 2013


Umbrellas in hand and off to the track
Canada’s buzzing as F1 is back

Plenty of action in store for fans
As they rush to the park and concession stands

It’s a wonderful show, behind the scenes
As teams and media go through their routines

A well oiled machine with Rolex perfection
And symphonic V8’s as the rhythm section

The track may be silent, but the paddock’s abuzz
There’s no one that does this, like F1 does

Qualifying was run in slick conditions
And team bosses debated like old politicians

Discussions of tyres and private tests
Refuse to subside like annoying pests

There were no winners at the Canadian GP
Just three chaps on the podium interviewed by Eddie

After all was said and all was done
It was a sad day in Formula One

In a fight for life, a battle was lost
As a marshal passed, which is too steep a cost

These are the dangers, of the sport we adore
But they’re far too sever, for us to ignore

To his family,our sympathies we send
As F1 fans a warm embrace we extend

Next we’re off to Silverstone
As the battle continues for F1’s throne

Hoping and praying for safer days
It’s back to business without delays


Twitter: @TheF1Poet

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