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#TESTGATE : International Tribunal Secrets, Stories and Sides

by on June 20, 2013
Pirelli all over Mercedes AMG

Pirelli  and Mercedes AMG Petronas plead their case at the International Tribunal

Formula One drama has finally come knocking
To be quite honest, it’s not the least bit shocking

It all started one day, after the Spanish Grand Prix
With a secret tyre test with Merc and Pirelli

Details are confusing and foggy at best
But Red Bull would not leave sleeping dogs rest

So the FIA called an International Tribunal
In a formal format that was somewhat communal

Let’s go through the story and some of the facts
That had lawyers draw swords and mount their attacks

FIA pointed fingers toward Mercedes and Brawn
And if things don’t go well, they both might be gone

They’re accused of breaching Article 151C
And conducting these tests quite secretively

Phone calls were made to Charlie Whiting
But permissions weren’t granted in email or writing

Conditions were set, but not certainly met
Which placed Pirelli, a wee bit under threat

But Pirelli are not bound by F1 regulations
They were simply carrying out safety obligations

Allowed to test, in-season by rule
Tyres aren’t cars, they’re simply a tool

Uncertain why, they’ve been dragged into this mess
There’s nothing much left for them to confess

Was an advantage gained by the German team?
Were the unmarked helmets, a bit too extreme?

Why weren’t all teams invited, to this “PRIVATE TEST”
No wonder everyone’s tense and overly stressed

So fingers are pointed and blame is laid
While this political chess game is strategically played

No rulings yet made, no punishment dealt
Believe you me, when they do, they’ll be felt

Heads may roll and points may be lost
But it has all come, at too steep a cost

When F1 needs to grow, it needs positive press
Instead it appears to be in distress

For the sake of the sport, let’s hope for the best
And just understand….that was only a test


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