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F1: 2013 British GP Poem

by on July 8, 2013


Better late than never I suppose…

I wrote this poem, just for you, so let’s quickly recap, rehash and review. What was about to unfold, nobody knew, t’was a wild Grand Prix that went slightly askew

Now put down your tea and drop that scone, One week at Silverstone, it was round number 8 for F1’s throne.  The results by now are certainly known and so are the reasons for which tyres were blown.

Mercedes locked out the entire front row, Lewis on Pole none too slow with Nico beside him ready to go. Two Red Bulls behind looking to gain a toe … as the lights went out it was Go Go Go…

A brilliant start from the Brit on Pole, while Vettel moved quick as P2 he stole.  Rosberg stumbled but regained control as Webber fell back into a dark black hole.

From 4th to 15th went Aussie Grit, who failed to commit and somehow got hit.  Carbon fiber bits in the air were spit and just a horrible start, you’d have to admit

Not so for Massa who must have been wondering, “Did I end up in Alonso’s car something?”  The little Brazilian to fifth did spring, As he steered his Ferrari with that new rear wing.

Alonso too was on the move, picking up places and finding his groove. But he was off the pace and couldn’t improve, I’m certain the Spaniard did not approve

It was looking good before lap 8, A home win for Lewis would be just great. But in stepped fate to irritate as his tyre decided to disintegrate and thus dictate that his home victory would have to wait.

As Lewis limped back for a set of new shoes, Vettel took the lead and went for a cruise. A few more drivers got the screws, left looking for clues while singing the blues over tires that popped like gum one chews.

Charlie Whiting nearly called the race, for safety’s sake and to save face.  It was near disgrace, with memories some may want to erase.

As Vettel led The British GP, it was a forgone conclusion who the winner would be…But alas, it was not meant to be as Vettel pulled over for a spot of tea.

His Red Bull lost drive, he had no gear selection.  A problem that no doubt would require Newey’s inspection. A shame for Seb, who was near perfection but luck felt it was time for an interjection

In the end, Rosberg crossed the line first. Lucky not to have his tyre burst, while some were cursed with events that could not be reversed, the results did reignite Rosberg’s title thirst.

Webber was second and Alonso was third, who had his vision somewhat blurred when avoiding flying rubber which resembled a bird. He too has had his title chances a little bit stirred.

So off to the Ring, for round number nine. Where a Mercedes victory would be just fine.  And where Vettel is looking for a chance to shine.  So join me in Germany and grab your beer Stein, it’s Motorsports heaven by F1 design.


Image courtesy of Octane Photographic, (c) All rights reserved.

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