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What Brands Historically Do You Most Associate with F1?

by on August 8, 2013

I’ve been working with several people and organizations over the last few months on the topic of sponsorship.  It is a topic that is increasing in awareness and importance in Formula One specifically as operating costs creep back into unsustainable territory.

We see the term “Pay Driver” a lot these days primarily because teams look for drivers to bring funding in order to keep the team afloat. As part of my research,

I’ve been asking F1 fans what brands they most associate with F1.  Surprisingly, in historic terms, Tobacco sponsorship is still the recognizable branding that is associated with Formula One.  I find it surprising because it has been some time now that Tobacco branding and livery has been banned in the European Union amongst other places.

In an effort to get more feedback, I’d like to ask you all to take a moment to take this F1 Poll.  Thank you for your time and honesty.


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  1. Camel for Williams, JPS for Lotus, Marlbro for Ferrari, BAT for BAR, West for Mclaren, Benson for Jordan are just some I can name.

  2. camel for lotus…. Marlboro for Mclaren… Mild seven for Beneton…

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