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Stories and Secrets Continue to Run but It’s Back to Business in Formula 1

by on August 22, 2013
Kimi (The Iceman) arrives to the circuit

Kimi’s Future Unknown

The summer break, is finally done

The time has come, for the return of F1

The teams are scrambling, the media is a mess

I think I may have seen Vijay, in a Bollywood dress

So starved were we, during these last few weeks

That we hoped and prayed, for F1 news leaks

Silly season has started, and boy what a mess

Fueled further by teams, refusing to confess

Who’s moving where? who’s in? and who’s out?

Conflicting reports, have us all in doubt

There was Kimi to Red Bull, then that was dismissed

Giving hope to Riccardo, who was on their short list

But Kimi’s manager is meeting, with Red Bull once more

It’s set for Spa,  so who knows what’s in store

This after Lotus, was quite honest and frank

Reporting, In trying to keep Kimi, We won’t “break the bank”

What of Alonso, is he on the move too?

Might he be off to Red Bull to replace Webberoo?

Or could he head back, to Lotus Renault?

It’s back home in a way, from not long ago

Will Massa remain, with the famed Prancing Horse?

There’s bound to be tears, if these two divorce

If Sirotkin joins Sauber, then who’s bound to leave?

Might “The Hulk” replace Massa, in the hopes of reprieve?

What about Jules Bianchi, he’s been quite impressive

He’s already dressed in red, is that a wee bit suggestive?

Will “Team Green” ask Heikki to make a full-time return?

Should Pic or Giedo have any fear or concern?

More stories floating, about Petrov and Pastor

Coming back to help teams, who are in financial disaster

Paddy Lowe’s being groomed, to take over the reigns

Where Mercedes is making, some serious gains

So what happens to Brawn, when his day is done?

Back to Maranello? Where he was once number one?

We’re waiting for Jon Noble… to travel I’m afraid

You see, that’s when these announcements, are normally  made

What about Bernie, wasn’t his trial due to start?

I don’t really think, the courts are all that smart

They shouldn’t mess with Bernie, he’s not “F1’s little gnome”

He’ll make the prosecutors cry and then turn and run home

Changes are coming, but one thing is for sure

It’s all speculation and all premature

All these rumours and stories, aren’t that important to me

All my attention is now focused… on the Belgian Grand Prix










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