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F1 News Round-up in Rhyme

by on August 27, 2013


The break is over and Spa is done

Vettel showing why, he’s still number one

Alonso and Ferrari, seem to have improved

But Seb and Red Bull remain poised and unmoved

A little bit blonder, we simply could not ignore

But he’ll be laughing all the way to title number four

On to some headlines and news of the day

Where Lauda is trying to convince Brawn to stay

Is this an indication that Brawn is leaving?

Or just another attempt by the media at deceiving?

Button’s trophy case this year is rather barren

But it seems he’ll end his career at McLaren

Perez told to cool it, he’s been a bit harsh

He’s under scrutiny from his rivals, he’s been told by Whitmarsh

No announcements yet made for Red Bull’s second seat

Leaving Ricciardo hopeful but a wee bit downbeat

No deal for Pirelli which I find quite worrying

Teams are already left scrambling and hurrying

Michelin ready to come back to F1

But they want changes made before a deal is done

On the topic of deals, there’s news on Sirotkin

He’s had a seat fitting, but he’s still not fully locked-in

A test in Sochi and some much needed PR

But Sauber needs money and a much faster car

No news on Kimi and where he might be next year

Some claiming Lotus’ financial situation is still unclear

His points streak has come to an end, what a shame

Lotus suspect a visor tear-off was solely to blame

Alonso needs wins and he knows in his heart

For him to win, someone will have to run over Vettel at the start

That GreenPeace protester, playing silly podium games

Made some interesting “Attempt to injure” claims

Well, don’t exploit our sport for its international reach

And pardon me for not caring, after your opportunistic breach

Back to Lauda, who never seems to be at a loss

Who had advice for Alonso, who couldn’t give a toss

Thanks for stopping by and taking some time

I hope you enjoyed this silly little F1 rhyme

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