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Lunch with Tom Hunt

by on September 7, 2013

photo2Yesterday, I was afforded the opportunity to finally meet Tom Hunt, son of the legendary James Hunt.  In fact, I not only met him, he bought me lunch and we played a round of 20 questions.  I will post the interview soon.  Tom offered some interesting insight into the life of his father in the post Formula One chapters of his life.

Tom is in Toronto for the Premiere of Ron Howard’s RUSH at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The movie features Tom’s father as one of the two protagonists in a wonderful story about two men battling for a common goal.  Formula One just happens to set the stage and provide the circumstances.

Tom and I had been in touch over the last few months as I worked on two James Hunt Tribute poems so I was excited to hand him a signed copy of the poems.  I really wanted Tom and brother Fred to be involved in the poems because I wanted to ensure they approved of them and gave me the family’s blessing.  After all, James is and was a legend and hero to many and any tribute should be respect that fact.

The entire city is crawling with A-list celebrities, fans a paparazzi scout the usual star hangouts with cameras in hand ready to shoot.  Perhaps one of the most important people in the city for TIFF (for me) however was meeting for me for lunch and I was ready with my camera and digital recorder.

It was all a little surreal, sitting across the table from a man who resembled James so much. He was effortlessly cool, relaxed and open.  I can see a lot of personality traits that must be in the very fabric of the Hunt family genes.

If time allows today, we might sneak out to do some karting.  Otherwise we’ll meet up at tonight’s star-studded Grand Tag Heuer Gala event celebrating the Toronto International Film Festival.

Special thanks to Ron Fine for his efforts in making this happen and of course to Tom, for taking time out of his very busy and compressed schedule to meet and treat me with lunch and great company.


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