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Kimi Replaced Schumacher AND Massa – 10 Interesting Fun Facts About Kimi, Alonso, Massa and Ferrari

by on September 11, 2013

Photo courtesy of Octane Photographic Ltd. All rights Reserved (c)


  1. Kimi replaced Schumacher at Ferrari and now has replaced Schumacher’s then team mate Felipe Massa.
  2. The announcement of Massa being replaced by Kimi comes 7 years and 1 day after the announcement was made of Schumacher being replaced by Kimi.
  3. Kimi sent home and handsomely paid to take a year off in 2010 when he was replaced by the man who is now his team-mate.
  4. Kimi has one a championship with Ferrari in his first year, Alonso has not won one with Ferrari yet.
  5. Alonso has won two championships with Renault which is now Lotus which is Kimi’s current team.
  6. Kimi finished 16 points ahead of Massa in 2007 when he won the title.
  7. Mass finished 22 points ahead of Kimi in 2008 when he fell one point shy of winning the title.
  8. Kimi finished the 2009 season in 6th place in the standings and 26 points ahead of Massa.
  9. Alonso currently (2013) leads Kimi by 35 points and Kimi leads Massa by 55 points
  10. Alonso and Kimi both made their F1 Debut in 2001



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