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F1 Poem: The Tale of a Prancing Horse and a Flying Finn

by on September 12, 2013



The worst kept secret in Formula One is finally out
Putting an end to the rumours that have been tossed about

Yes, it’s true. Kimi will again be wearing red
Partnering Alonso, it’s a pairing that rivals may dread

It seems too good to be true, there are some fears…
Making many believe this partnership, may well end in tears

If my memory servers, as it most certainly rarely does
Kimi replaced Schumi at Ferrari which caused quite the buzz

Some believe Schumacher was forced to retire sooner than ready
To make room for Kimi to keep the team winning and steady

Who remembers the end of the F1 season in 2009?
When Ferrari paid Kimi to leave because things did not seem to  align?

Could it be that Alonso would not sign on if not number one?
So Massa stayed and Kimi left so the deal might be done?

Things have come full circle for Kimi it appears
Back in the stable of the prancing horse with Tifosi cheers

So lets recap the tale of this horse and this flying Finn
A marriage which both parties believe will allow each to win

Kimi replaced Michael at Ferrari which turned out to be vital
As the Finn finally won his first and only F1 driver’s title

Then Kimi fell out of favor and was eventually sacked
Conveniently Alonso was available and signed a contract

So Alonso replaced Kimi who took over from Schumi
Now Kimi replaces Felipe, causing his fans to feel gloomy

Will it be back home to Sauber for the loyal Brazilian
Where he’ll have to settle for much less that his usual multi-million?

I find it odd for Ferrari to have two “Number Ones”
Memories of Alonso at McLaren replay like bad TV re-runs

Didn’t Luca snub thoughts of 2 roosters in the hen-house?
If the shit hits the fan, he won’t have reasons to grouse…

So what do you think? Was this the right move?
Does it have your F1 fan blessing and do you approve?


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