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F1 Poem: Cue the Fat Lady

by on October 9, 2013


Well here we are in gorgeous Japan, where the season seems to be going quite to Vettel’s plan. With title number four, practically in hand, and a finger in the air to end the championship race before it ever began

 He’s won eight races of fourteen thus far, in what some claim to be a far superior car. Inexplicable domination which some think is bizarre and have many thinking that Adrian Newey is the real star

 Alonso seems to be odds with his limping black horse,  which seems to have lost all spirit and race winning  force.  While poor aerodynamics may well be the source, Ferrari’s wind tunnel woes are a cause for remorse

 How is it so that after more than three years, the aerodynamic department still sheds many tears? Their lack of victories will turn cheers into jeers as Tifosi start realizing their worst championship fears

 Mercedes now breathing  down the Scuderia’s neck, now right up their ass, filling their mirrors and not just a speck. With all hands on deck, resources on call and on beck, this season has turned into quite a disappointing wreck

 But still best of the rest, Ferrari will fight, In races by day or even by night. The title chase may be over, as it may never have been tight, Alonso and Massa  intend to battle Lewis and Nico with all of their might

 Lotus seem to have made some positive strides, perhaps a turn of fortune and change of tides. While Kimi’s departure may have some switching sides and others battling for possible drives

 As in all things in life, timing is key, Hulkenberg’s amazing performance was timed perfectly.  Leaving some baffled in the last Grand Prix, at his Sauber’s level of grip which no one could foresee

 Now making his mark in the hopes of survival, perhaps to help Lotus in it’s recent revival. To Davide Valsecchi, he is become a true rival and may not be welcome at his possible arrival

As  the season winds down and comes to an end, so to the F1 career of our Aussie Grit friend.  Not one more season shall his days extend but his F1 memory in our hearts, time shall transcend

 So welcome to the land of the rising sun, at an incredible circuit which won’t be outdone, where the Formula One championship will likely be won and where the culture and passion is second to none

 Where Vettel prepares to claim his place as one of F1’s Kings, regardless if Red Bull indeed gave him his wings, let’s grab our seats, our bevi’s and things as the inevitable happens and the perverbial “Fat Lady” sings…


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