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Indian GP: Where Red Bulls Fly and Cows Roam Free

by on October 23, 2013



Welcome all to the Indian Grand Prix
Where it seems Red Bulls fly and cows roam free

Such a cultural land which is so diverse
The locals have been listening to the “fat lady” rehearse

She’ll be performing on Sunday at an F1 recital
When Vettel will most likely clinch his fourth drivers title

Vettel owned the second half of this season, there is absolutely no doubt
Much to Alonso’s dismay, it means the continuation of his titleless drought

Once Vettel wins, which quite frankly is only a matter of time
He’s been almost flawless, in fact he’s been quite sublime

It’s true Red Bull should be given credit where it’s certainly due
It’s doubtful Vettel would continue to win without Newey and crew

But win they did and win they shall, they’ve done it before and not done yet
And they did it all without so much as breaking a sweat

There is still much to play for, for the rest of the grid
As they all aim to accomplish what Red Bull and Vettel just did

Ferrari is fighting their own battle to be first of the worst
Mercedes would like nothing more to pop that bubble and watch it burst

And don’t count out Lotus, again it seems they have found their feet
When this team is clicking their nearly impossible to beat

Mercedes AMG sit ten points behind the boys from Maranello
Oddly each of their drivers wear helmets which just happen to be yellow

Lotus are only 23 points a drift from the German team
The Enstone based lads are pumped and that Renault engine is eager to scream

Let’s take a quick look at the Buddh International circuit in New Delhi
With 15 turns, a few straights and two DRS zones which will likely be key

It’s quite a tricky little track to get the setup just right
Compromises required with both high-speed sections and those which are tight

Drivers will have 60 laps before they can resign
While trying to beat Vettel’s fast lap of 1:27:249

The time was set one year ago by the young German racer
9.4 seconds ahead of Alonso who was the first chaser

Who’ll win the Indian Grand Prix this year? It’s anyone’s guess…
I’m going out on a limb, and say his name will start with the letter “S”




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