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A Quick Word About Sebastian Vettel

by on October 29, 2013

vettel2Have you ever felt to be out of favour with your friends, partner or spouse despite your best efforts?  I’m certain some of you can relate to having best intentions or expending best efforts and feeling under-appreciated or having your efforts dismissed.  I wonder if Vettel feels the same.  Somehow, he doesn’t seem to be quite as respected for his most recent accomplishment as deserved, or perhaps, respect is not the correct term.  The young German has certainly not felt the love on the podium in the latter half of the season from many booing fans.  I can only imagine what must have been going through his mind when doing exactly what he’s been paid and expected to do.  Here’s a little F1 Poem written with this sentiment in mind.

The fat lady has sung and just like that, Vettel has been crowned champion, so I’ll tip my hat

He was just too quick he simply could not be caught. In case you’re not counting, that’s now four on the trot

He’s the youngest champ ever to win four championships. A record which may prove difficult for others to eclipse

Some say he’s not worthy, it was down to his car. It was the best of the rest and the best by far

Yes, it’s true, Newey is brilliant no doubt, His team is superb and flaunts serious clout

But Vettel is near flawless and damn he’s quick. He makes winning look easy and that finger’s his schtick

Let’s go back a few years to a wet Italian Grand Prix, When Seb won in a car which used to be a Minardi

There have been moments of weakness or perhaps ruthlessness, Like the “Multi-21” incident which failed to impress

But before we attempt to oppress or regress, Let’s suppress malice feelings and gently digress

Let’s not make the same error that many once made. Dismissing A young Brazilian who was on a similar crusade

Senna dominated in a similar fashion. Sparking some distaste and a lack of compassion

Then there was Schumi, like him or not. Whose story in F1 had a similar plot

So let’s embrace this young champion for what he’s accomplished. Regardless of opinion, he’s left his rivals astonished

One final note about the reigning F1 champ. After winning the title, he helped dismount Red Bull’s camp

Instead of starting celebrations with his entourage, he stayed back and helped pack up the Red Bull garage

There are three more races and he’s not done yet. He’ll win again, I’m willing to bet

Next year with rule changes, the story may change. And F1’s hierarchy may well rearrange

So I’ll congratulate the young champion for his smashing success, for a game well-played of F1 chess

…but in the back of my mind, I’ll have Aussie Grit, Who I’ll miss most on the grid, I’ll sincerely admit.


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  1. As always, your poem is just bang on target and evocative. I had the privilege of being at the media centre during the Indian Grand Prix and attended the various press conferences during the race weekend. I must say, I saw a very different side to Vettel – philosophical, talktative, a kid yes, but also mature. He has not become my favourite overnight… But watching him through the weekend, made him seem a little more human (if you get my drift).

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