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Missing Formula 1? This is for you…

by on December 5, 2013


Oh I so detest this time of year, when the next F1 season is nowhere near and the weather outside is colder still than my tall and frosty gold tinted beer…

Look, I’m all for the holidays, the gifts, the tree… Christmas cheer with the lads at the pub discussing the brilliance of Adrian Newey

But with the season done I’ve lost my shine, we wait only for the odd contract to sign which fails to send a single shiver up my spine, far less than peering down into an empty beer stein.

I suppose absence makes the heart grow fonder, so we’ll impatiently wait and foolishly ponder whether or not Vettel will emerge a shade or two blonder

Changes are coming with new rules and regulations, new drivers in new teams with new aspirations, hoping to forge new relations after what to them may seem like never-ending winter vacations

Gone is the sweet sound of those roaring V-Eights that would sing acapella at the end of the straights and that F1 fans could hear loud and clear beyond the front gates.

Twitter will die down and F1 shows will pause. There will be endless season reviews looking back at the season that was, recanting achievements, results, scandals and faux pas…

Bloggers will scramble to find something to write, while journos find themselves in a woeful plight, setting bait for a story they wish that would bite and working on leads deep into the night.

The cycle starts all over once more, booking flights and hotels is now one hell of a chore and thanks to Bernie, deciphering race schedules is a challenge and no longer a bore

India is out, New Jersey too? Korea and Mexico seem to have been struck-through and Russia seems to be under constant review. It was an ambitious calendar of 22…

Another pint or two will numb my pain until next we hear Fleetwood Mac’s Chain and I’ll limit and contain my urge to complain by spraying my own bottle of Mumm Champagne…

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