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F1 Media Christmas Cheer Party Excites

by on December 12, 2013


T’ was the night before Christmas, when all through Pit-Lane
There were no milk and cookies, just bottles of Champagne

The FIA was in Paris making changes to rules
And forgot to decorate and pick up the booze

Jonathan Noble’s stockings were slung ‘cross his back
As he beat his own record for “Run that Track”

Will Buxton in his onesie, modified Santa’s list
Scratching off Adam Hay-Nicholls… he simply could not resist

Joe Saward scolded bloggers for their irrelevant spatter
When from the paddock, Jason Swales heard a glass shattering clatter

Away to the pits ran Keith and Mark Sutton
With trigger fingers ready on their camera’s shutter button

With the light of the moon, it all became clear
Adam Cooper had just found, Jordan Irvine’s cold beer

Jennie Gow strung the lights on F1’s Christmas tree
While Eddie Jordan watched, enjoying white wine and brie

Martin Brundle and Ted Kravits hung their balls with great care
As Charlie Whiting directed from his “Race Control” chair

The lovely Kate Walker helped wrap all the gifts
As James Allen and DC helped by picking up double shifts

Peter Windsor and Scarbs hung the fake mistletoe
And Nigel Roebuck finished it off with a rich velvet red bow

Pat Behar dressed in red with no hair and no beard
Wearing shiny black boots which Matteo Bonaciani revered

All drivers and teams, rushed quickly and came
As Anthony Rowlinson, called them by name…

Now Vettel now Lewis, now Button and Heikki
On Nando on Webber, on Massa and Kimi…

They all strung up the garland and hung golden bells
Which they stole from the porters from their stays at hotels

Natalie Pinkham appeared in her “Santa’s helper” attire
I swear I could hear the singing of an “all angels” choir

Then Crofty arrived with Tequila and beer
As the rest of the crew gathered for F1 Christmas cheer

To those behind the scenes in Formula One
A big thanks from us all for always getting the job done

As The F1 Poet, I Say With Delight
Happy Christmas To All, And To All A Good Night

Last year, I took an old Christmas classic and re-wrote with a Formula One spin. I’ll be posting it again shortly for you all but for now, I decided to put a different spin on it.

Having spent some time in the paddock working alongside many of the people who bring us all the news and stories from the world of F1, I wanted to dedicate this to them in appreciation. These people work insanely hard and sacrifice their personal lives and family time to a degree which many cannot comprehend. Most of the time, it’s far from glamorous. To my friends in F1 and FIA media, this if for you.


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