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Formula 1’s Jersey Shore Saga

by on December 28, 2013

The saga continues.  Will Formula 1 fans ever see their beloved sport hit the popular culture phenomenon of yesteryear,  “Jersey Shores”?  My good friend George Adams happens to live nearby and offered to snap a few photos for me and give me his take on this mystical venue which started with the promise of greatness and has been reduced to rumors of a broken promise..

The on again off again (and on again and off again) Formula 1 race in New Jersey

Guest Post by George Adams ( – @StageLeftPhoto)


  If you’re an F1 fan, by now you have heard that Bernie wants a race with the NYC skyline as the backdrop. It seems the location has been chose

     I do think this race will happen, but there are still a few hurdles. Surprisingly, I don’t think money is one of them. The promoters have pledged that no public funds will be used for the track and I think that is possible. Just down the road they built a $1.6 Billion stadium without using public funds. The money is available in the area.n and an actual track has been designed, but it’s not been postponed again. Will this race ever happen, here are a few of my thoughts. A few disclosures first, I am a Jersey boy, I used to live a few blocks from the proposed track and I am a huge F1 fan. A little history of the area, 40 years ago, this area was an industrial rail yard with shipping piers and not much else. Unlike what has been written by some journalists, this area is currently a booming housing market with high-end condos, plenty of mass transit and developing shopping.

       The biggest problem is still exposure, even with a race in Austin, F1 is virtually unknown in this country and specifically in thisf1portimp1 area. I recently visited the location of the proposed track and conducted an informal poll of local residents. It was eye-opening to say the least, less than 5% of commuters who live in the area had any idea there was supposed to be a major world-wide sporting event where they were standing. Those who had heard of it, thought it had been permanently cancelled. The developer of the parking garage that features prominently in the pit complex of the track has made no mention of F1 in any of the public press releases promoting his properties. They recently started construction of a hotel complex on top of the parking garage and still no mention of any kind about a future F1 race.

That leads directly to the next major problem, the pit complex. I have walked and driven the proposed track layout and it is spectacular. I think drivers would love this track if they are given the chance to drive it. The only issue I can see is garage and pit space. On the surface the parking garage seems to be an ideal space to put the teams and their equipment, and it may be. The developer has stated that the first level of the garage is for retail shops, if that is the case there is no space left for any F1 activities. The other issue is space, there is no room in the front of the garage for the pit complex AND a track. There is no place to move anything as the edge of the proposed track is next to the water at this location. I do see a solution, but why the track was designed the way it was just raises more questions.

I do hope they can make this race happen, I think it would be great for the sport. The biggest problem I see is the fact that F1 is still virtually unknown in this area.


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  1. I live in the area and I love F1 . But other than the 2 events that red bull did a year and half that’s it for promotion. What F1 needs to do is park an F1 car in front of a Walmart or one of the area malls the way nascar does. But I forget that all of these teams are based in Europe and that’s long trip across the pond. I’m doing my best to talk about this race to all the folks I know but it keeps getting postponed so people lose interest .

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