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A Formula 1 Valentines Day Poem

by on February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine’s Day to all F1 fans
From way down under to the desert sands

Let’s not forget this sport we adore
On a day for love, sex, chocolates and more

Oh sure there are flowers,love letters and roses
But let’s face it, aren’t we glad we got rid of those old F1 noses?

A love like this is not easy to find
The power and passion, in the back of your mind

The change of direction gets you hot and bothered
Naughty thoughts are harbored and fathered

Strap yourself in and watch the lights go out
On the edge of your seat as you gesture and shout

Hard on the brakes before the first bend
Too close for comfort up each other’s rear end

Foot to the floor and all buttons depressed!
Your heart beating faster right through your chest.

Such emotions evoked, you’re a bloody mess!
We’re in the zone now…unleash DRS!

That’s it, you’ve had it, your heart’s been broiled
Now look at that mess, your trousers are all soiled

The lads come in to slap on new rubbers
And quickly get wiped by the visor scrubbers

Up goes the lollipop and out of the pits
As you sit there soiled and out of your wits

Slipping and sliding on brand new slicks
So sweaty your wet, ‘cuz they’re plum out of tricks

Last corner approaches and out comes the flag
Your driver could win…now it’s a drag

You cover your eyes but you just have to look
Top step on the podium! This one’s in the book

Hope you enjoyed,my poem today
Thank you for reading and Happy Valentine’s Day!


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