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I’m my own exhibit F is my letter and 1 is my digit

by on February 25, 2014

For my friends at Burn Energy Drink and Lotus F1 Team – a little Motorsport poetry to kill time between pre-season tests…

I wrote this as a quick thank you for the great support. A special nod to Andy Stobart as well for allowing me to bust his chops with interview requests.

I’m my own exhibit, F is my letter and 1 is my digit
I’m Motorsport spirit; I’m on the limit in a New York minute
I’m dialed in, tuned in, locked in and ready for F1 to begin
I’m on track, on site or online all the time and in my prime
I’m stoked and ready, I’m rockin’ steady without breathing heavy
I’m fueled up, charged up, revved up and ready to erupt
I’m dressed for F1 success, I’m DRS or ERS, I’m whatever button I need to press
I’m burning rubber without spinning wheels; I’m breaking hearts and making deals
I’m fastest lap, I’m pole position, I’m always at your disposition
I’m qualifying and death defying, I’m always complying and never denying
I’m in your nation for a short duration; I’m as much a flirtation as I am your temptation
I’m confident and competent; I’m so evident I’m prominent
I’m a Lotus F1 Team driver, just click on my link, I’m in sync in a blink and BURN is my only energy drink


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