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#F1 Brilliant Bribes, Crashes and Smiles

by on August 26, 2014

As requested and promised, here is the Belgian Grand Prix race review in verse.  Enjoy

It’s been a little while since I’ve penned an F1 rhyme

I’ve been working on projects; I simply haven’t had the time

Excuses aside now let’s get cheeky some

And walk to the beat of this rhyming F1 drum

During the break (which felt like forever),

Ecclestone and his lawyers got quite ballsy and rather clever

For Bernie, “Pure Genius”, is the term I’d use to describe

Avoiding a conviction of bribery by offering the courts…a bribe

So off to Spa for the Belgian Grand Prix

Boy I’ll tell you, there are very few places that I’d rather be

The awesome Eau Rouge, Les Combes and La Source

Everyone expected to feel the mighty Mercedes’ Powerunit’s force

It was just as expected in qualy, as all stars were aligned

Beating their chest, Mercedes in front with the next best, 1.898s behind

Conditions on Sunday were dry with obvious tension in the air

Would turn one cause havoc, for the dueling Mercedes pair?

Drama ensued before the race ever commenced

Alonso’s crew broke grid rules thus a penalty was dispensed

It would be a stop and go slap on the Spaniard’s wrist

I have no doubt that Alonso was quite rightfully pissed

He was off the line and just in time, to avoid starting from pit lane

I’ll wager he and his team were silently praying for timely rain…

Lights on, Lights out, away they scampered

Nico’s get away appeared to be somewhat HAMpered

Nico and Lewis collide on lap number two

The smoke you smell was from Toto Wolff whose gasket then blew

Hamilton suffered the brunt of the unexpected shunt

As his puncture was a huge blow to his world championship hunt

Rosberg however would not escape unscathed

With broken front wing in Karma’s smiled he bathed

How neither of these drivers would end up winning this race

Is nothing short of disaster to Mercedes management’s disgrace

But let’s not forget about the rest of the field

Who battled like warriors with just swords and no shield

Epic overtaking manoeuvers, of pure bravery and skill

And Kimi whipping his red horse beyond its capability and will

The day however would belong to man from down under

Who’s been known to be called F1’s great smiling wonder

Daniel Ricciardo from the Red Bull stable who’s writing his own fable

Has been steadily climbing up F1’s World Driver’s Championship points table

Now, I’m not going to suggest that he just might win the title

But he’s making it clear to Mercedes that scoring maximum points is now absolutely vital


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