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#F1 – Formula Future – #HumanIgnition Episode 4

by on September 5, 2014




This is the fourth and final episode of Human Ignition.  A series of videos developed and produced by Team Lotus F1 and sponsors Burn energy drink, with the collaboration of many key individuals.
The series invokes thought into what the future of Formula One might look like in years to come. The sport, without doubt is one of the most innovative global Motorsports series.  It’s direction changes as regulations shift and force some of the world’s brightest minds to bend the natural thought process.  In doing so, the results and ideas are incredibly unpredictable and highly ingenious. The way each of us envisions the sport in the future is undoubtedly different.  So too is the vision of the engineers and rule makers within the sport and the bodies which govern the sport and ultimately shape it.
Burn and Lotus have gathered some of these thoughts and ideas and compiled them into this thought-provoking series.  Describing this series, Burn puts it best by stating, “In this series we’ll delve deep into the history and makeup of the sport, speaking to racing legends and other trailblazers along the way. Join us as we attempt to turn the hypothetical into the tangible, pursing what people have only ever dreamed of — until now.”

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