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F1 Fan Open Letter to Santa

by on December 22, 2014

F1 Fan Open Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, let me start by saying, I’ve actually been quite good.
I mean far better than Bernie, that much should be understood.

I’ve watched every race, even the ones at the “crack of stupid” in the morning.
I must admit however, I may have said unpleasant things without thought or warning.

In my defense, I’m very passionate and maybe a bit obsessed with Formula One.
It gets me excited, it doubles my heart rate, and may cause me to become slightly

This year for Christmas, I’ve thought about it and I have just a few wishes.
So when you arrive, you’ll find podium Champagne instead of milk and cookie dishes.

First on the Christmas gift list for this big F1 kid.
Is to get Jules, Marussia and Caterham back on the 2015 F1 grid.

Next is my wish for a safe and competitive season with no double points finale.
Call me a traditionalist, but I tend to like the regular points tally.

I want to see Ron and Fernando play nice at McLaren all season long
I want to hear these new power plants get louder and sing a new song

Then I want a championship winning 1.6 Litre turbo charged power plant.
So I can drown out team owners and Bernie when they argue and rant.

I want Kimi to do all his own “unfiltered and raw” race commentary
I want Button and and Jessie to just pick a date and finally marry

Without sounding greedy, let me make one more request for fans worldwide
How about more access at races and the return of FanVision on the side

And last but not least, I want no protests, no boycotts and everyone to commit,
I want tail happy cars, no team orders and all drivers and cars on the absolute limit.

Thanks Santa, I’ll be waiting for you on the podium at the end of pit lane
You’ll be happy to know I ditched the milk and cookies for some nicely chilled champagne.


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