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The F1 Poet Project

by on January 23, 2015
Dream BIG - and chase it! A poet and a legend...

Dream BIG – and chase it! A poet and a legend…

If you take one thing away from reading this, let it be the knowledge that if you work hard at a goal, it is achievable. Your dreams may not always be all you believe them to be but you owe it to yourself to chase them…


Everyone has dreams, ambitions and goals, though not everyone chases them. Do not fail to chase your dreams. Often you’ll find they are attainable, though likely not easy.

I have recently celebrated three years as The F1 Poet. In these three years I have published a book (The F1 Book of Poetry), written almost 500 F1 poems, gained media accreditation via the FIA for Formula One, met wonderful people and had wonderful experiences that money can’t buy.

My dream was to one day become an F1 journalist. Like many of you, F1 is one of my passion. I love to read and I love to write about it.  A friend of mine helped me discover a hidden talent of mine… corny poetry.  I became quite passionate about it actually and wrote poems about everything.

One day I decided to marry these two unlikely passions and The F1 Poet was born.  My goal was to use F1 poetry to gain attention and interest in my writing.  It worked.  I gained a very small amount of fame, nothing like Twitter legend Fake Charlie Whiting (@Charlie_Whiting), nonetheless, enough to have people in the paddock actually know who I am.

It was the poetry and this blog which brought me closer to my dream.  I was approached by several websites after my poetry became an almost regular feature on a web show called The Flying Lap, hosted by former F1 Ferrari and Williams man Peter Windsor.  It was Peter who encouraged me to write the book. My work has been featured in magazines, websites, holiday greeting cards, radio shows (namely Ballz Visual Radio with Sasha Martinengo in South Africa) etc… I’m grateful to all who have supported me and continue to do so.

This project has offered me the opportunity to walk amongst my heroes and interview the most interesting F1 personalities.  I have had breakfast with Mario Andretti, handed my Gilles Villeneuve tribute poem to his son Jacques, and my James Hunt tribute poem to his son Tom.  I have forged relationships with many great people.

I realized that at my current age of 40, starting a new career in journalism although possible would not be realistic,. It would not be fair to my family to take the cut in pay and be away from home for months on end. In my daily life, I pay the bills as a global Disaster Recovery specialist in the IT field. I’m still very serious about motorsports in general and will continue to write poetry and features. Most of my work can be found at Richland F1, GPWeek and an e-Magazine called e-Racing Magazine which I started with my good Aussie friend, Trent Price.

I will continue to represent Canada in the F1 Paddock as long as they’ll have me. I am happy in the knowledge that for a short while in my life, I walked where few have walked. Many bucket list items have been checked and it’s all thanks to The F1 Poet Project.





IMG_8615 IMG_8620 IMG_8709 IMG_8734 IMG_8823 IMG_8824



A Tribute to Senna

A Tribute to Senna



IMG_8525 IMG_8526 IMG_8644

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