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2015 F1 Winter Testing in the Rearview Mirror – #F1Poem

by on March 4, 2015

2015 F1 Winter Testing in the Rear-view Mirror

Photo Credit to Octane Photographics Inc.

Photo Credit to Octane Photographics Inc.

That’s it and that’s all, the F1 preseason is done. It’s off to OZ to begin the 2015 campaign of Formula One.

A topic which has been and will continue to be discussed, is whether or not Alonso has been or still is concussed.

No one seems to know for certain what the problem might actually be. But it’s serious enough for K-Mag to replace him in the Australian Grand Prix.

So what have we learned from these F1 winter tests? It’s hard to say as teams hold their true pace, close to their chests.

Mercedes appear to be a second clear of the chasing pack. They’ve managed to stay ahead enough to keep everyone back.

Ferrari have made gains but they’ll still fall short. I would wager to say they’re under a second behind or something of the sort.

Red Bull are quick but Williams are still quicker. And the picture at McLaren is blurred as the mud is thick if not thicker.

Lotus looks good in its black and gold, now powered by Mercedes, they will make a statement which will be considered quite bold.

Toro Rosso and Sauber have also improved but it is all relative in preseason and pace is easily misconstrued.

Force India can surprise they just might do so. They need pace to get sponsors to keep their act in the show.

Pirelli can influence things with their choice of compound. Unpredictable good racing, we hope makes up for the lack of sound.

Now a moment to send our wishes of recovery and good health to our friends, to Alonso, Schumi and Jules we hope you receive the love and support your F1 family sends.

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