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#RIPSenna – Gone but never forgotten

by on May 1, 2015



This first day of May, we are reminded of that sad and dreadful day, when the legend passed away. The silence was deafening in our state of dismay, it’s been 21 years for which for him the champagne would no longer spray.

He was not just a driver but so much more, the fiercest competitor to his very core refusing to lift off the throttle which was constantly pinned to the cockpit floor. With fluid motion, raw aggression and immeasurable grace, only crossing the line first brought a smile to his face.

We remember him in black and gold, showing signs of pure brilliance to behold…awaiting his chance to be unleashed and uncontrolled. And greatness we witnessed without shadow of doubt, when in 88 he joined McLaren and ended his championship drought. Together with Prost they won all but one race in their championship bout.

Brazil ’91, with only 6th gear, a wet victory, for his home fans to cheer. A rain master of sorts, remember Monaco?, In heavy rains, he put on a show.

So focused was he, that he’d be completely entranced, with severe tunnel vision, his car tip-toed and danced. Methodically preparing his approach to be the most advanced and winning the hearts of his fans who remained mesmerized and romanced. One of the greatest, we may ever have seen.

His rivalry with Prost had started, their war had begun. The fiercest battles ever to be fought in Formula One. Round after round their ammunition were their nerves and their right foot the gun in monsoon conditions or under the blazing sun he refused to lose, be outrun or outdone. His battles with Prost pushed them to new limits, ahead of the pack, by not seconds but minutes.

A moment of silence, for the late F1 great, as he smiles upon us, from behind Heaven’s gate while imagine him flying towards the flag along the pit straight.  He was the ultimate master of this Motorsport game, competing only to win and not for fame…his spirit shall live on… Ayrton Senna was this legend’s name.

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  1. Catherine Johnson permalink

    I really wanted to write a poem for Senna today. I’m glad I didn’t, this is fab!

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