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Sometimes F1 must come second…

by on June 3, 2016
Montreal Canada, Canadian GP F1 Media Centre.

Montreal Canada, Canadian GP F1 Media Centre.

I have had the good fortune of being able to attend my home F1 Grand Prix a total of 30 times over the years.  I know that statement ages me.  As a fan of the sport since the age of 4, I’ve bore witness to some amazing races around the circuit which bares the name of one of my F1 heroes.  Not long ago, I have had the pleasure of being able to make the transition from fan to media. For a few years, I was able to cover the races as well as being able to interview and get to know some of the sport’s most interesting personalities.

In the past 26 consecutive years, I have missed  going to only 2

Stared down by Ross Brawn - it was slightly intimidating.  I caught up with Ross afterwards.  He found it rather interesting that I wrote poetry about F1.  When I asked him how he could remain so calm during the conference, he simply smiled and said, "It's all part of the fun"

Stared down by Ross Brawn – it was slightly intimidating. 

home races. In 2009, Formula One did not grace us with a race and in 2011 when I was on my honeymoon (I would have missed 1987 since the race was not held, but I had no chaperone back then able to take me). Over the years, I have been an ambassador to the wonderful world of F1 in Montreal to many people who would have otherwise not attended. My incessant pestering about how incredible the experience is was enough to convince them to now make the annual pilgrimage to Montreal. The atmosphere is truly electric, the city completely surrenders itself to Formula 1, with street parties, live bands, events etc…

This year (2016) I will miss attending the race for the third time in that 26 year span. This is one of those times in life where F1 must come second. I have decided to forgo the Grand Prix to stay home and spend some quality time with my 8 month old son. Passing up on my “guy time”, the over-indulgence, endless pints aIMG_2122nd debauchery is difficult for a 40+ year-old, with an inexplicable and insatiable passionate for Formula One to give up. However, in this world of high pressure, fast pace, shifting priorities etc… which takes us away from our families, swallowing the bitter pill of not going to my beloved home race is much easier to swallow  for some extra time with my family.

I’m going to seriously miss the GP experience. Many of you may also feel the same as I do. One’s home GP is just more special than all other races. I will miss the many friends I’ve made over the years who never fail to meet up with me for a pint, Buxton’s bash at Hurley’s, Elena’s “The Code20” after party… all of it.  But I tell you one thing, I’m looking forward to introducing this great experience and the world of F1 to my son, the same way my father did with me.  It’s not often, but sometimes F1 must come second.

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