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F1 Poem: Down and Dirty Down Under 

by on March 29, 2016

After the shortest off-season, F1 is back. Eager to get racing again and back on track.

They all turned up down under with their  poker faces, to start this campaign of 21 races.

There were names we knew well and others we still don’t, including Renault who arrived on a surfboard-like boat.

Wearing a yellow sport suit, nicely pressed at the seams, hoping to rekindle its F1 championship dreams.

A few changes this year for which we must be aware, three tyre choices and a new qualy … which made most of us swear.

Free practices were wet with few cars running. So qualy was to be flat-out run and gunning.

Well that wasn’t the case, in fact qualy just sucked. Even F1’s strongest supporters thought it was all kinda F… Mucked.

The race was quite brilliant right from the start. Ferrari jumped both the Mercs and raced with true heart.

Until Kimi’s turbo caught fire and toasted his lid, and till Seb spun Margherita ending his P2 bid.

One can argue the race was Ferrari’s to lose, but in the end it just looked like another Merc cruise.

Rosberg led Hammy for a cool 1-2. Seb rounded the podium which was the most he could do.

Props to Ricciardo, for his solid race pace and to team Haas for snagging points in their first ever race.

Max was quite – the lippy young man, but he didn’t appear to break any rules set in the new radio ban.

And what about that crash that left us all in shock. How the hell did Alonso just crawl out and walk?

Now it’s off to Bahrain, with more questions to ask. Where overhauling Mercedes will be another tall task.

And it’s back to the qualy format we had last year so I’ll celebrate F1’s return with another cold beer.

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