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Formally FIA accredited (Formula One) Freelance writer, working for,,, The F1 Times Magazine among others. Guest speaker on digital radio show in South Africa, Box of Neutrals and F1 Strategy Report on Australia and The Flying Lap with Peter Windsor online.

Author of Formula One Book of Poetry available on iTunes/iBookstore, LuLu and Nook.

Being rather rubbish at journalism since I’m an IT professional by trade, I’ve decided to retire my dreams of following F1 around the globe. Now and then, I scribble some thoughts here online.

Please have a sense of humor and don’t take anything too seriously. Everyone is welcome here and everyone has a right to their opinion. Be courteous and respectful please.logo5To those interested, I am available for freelance writing, promotional articles and poems, guest spots and interviews.  I can be contacted via Twitter: @TheF1Poet and email:

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  1. you are an awesome writer and its sheer pleasure to read your stuff, F1 is in the veins isn’t it 🙂 good wishes

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