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FIA accredited (Formula One) Freelance writer, working for,,, The F1 Times Magazine among others.

Author of Formula One Book of Poetry available on iTunes/iBookstore, LuLu and Nook.

I was bitten by the F1 bug from an early age and often suffer from F1 fever and Motorsport sweats.  It’s a condition that has no cure…if you have petrol coursing through your veins as do I, you will understand.

My love of motor racing stems from early childhood memories with my father, sitting to watch every Grand Prix on a small black and white television set. Back then, some of the races were broadcast on radio waves as well and we often had both radio and TV going. Having grown up with my father being a mechanic, I have been around cars and motorcycles all my life. My father’s ties to F1 were through a supplier of electronics and ignition systems to at least one of the teams. He too had been bitten by the F1 bug and his love and passion for the sport was passed on to me. Over the years, I have been very fortunate to have met several F1 personalities and also to have made several friends in the sport and supporting industries.

I hope to make this a place for my readers to frequent and share thoughts. You can follow me on Twitter at @TheF1Poet and subscribe to this blog as well . Please keep in mind that this is done solely out of my passion for F1 and in no way is affiliated with any official F1 team, employee or entity.  The views expressed here are my own and not those my employers.

Please have a sense of humor and don’t take anything too seriously. Everyone is welcome here and everyone has a right to their opinion. Be courteous and respectful please.logo5To those interested, I am available for freelance writing, promotional articles and poems, guest spots and interviews.  I can be contacted via Twitter: @TheF1Poet and email:



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  1. you are an awesome writer and its sheer pleasure to read your stuff, F1 is in the veins isn’t it 🙂 good wishes

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